Construction, assembly and installation wiring systems for classic cars

The “Gatti William” company is specialized in the construction and assembly of electrical systems for classic cars.

Its most outstanding projects include work on Ferrari, Maserati, Bugatti and Lamborghini vehicles, but the company’s experience also extends to several other prestigious car brands.

The “Gatti William” company supervises restoration work on classic cars from start to finish, working closely with mechanics, car body specialists, upholsterers, etc., who are also highly specialized.



Gatti William – Electrician

William Gatti, a skilled restorer with years of experience behind him, has worked independently since 2003, aided by his son Christian, who has been successfully following in his father’s footsteps for years. William first started out back in 1971 at Scaglietti where, even then, he worked on the electrical systems of various Ferrari vehicles in production at the renowned Modenese car body workshop.
In 1986, however, he set up on his own to work for all car body and mechanical workshops, and was invariably sought by them for repair services and complete overhauls on the electrical systems of various vehicles.

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