Classic Cars Wiring Systems

Gatti William Services: Classic Car Wiring Systems

Whether you need to restore or reproduce classic car wiring systems, you can easily depend on the Gatti William Elettrauto.

With the advancement of automotive technology, cars have experienced a lot of new, refined wiring systems. In the process, many of the classic car wiring systems have become redundant or discontinued. Therefore, when it comes to restore, repair, or reproduce the wiring systems of a classic car; it requires a lot of complicated engineering. The process of combining modern tech with the classic infrastructure may also give birth to a lot of issues. The solution is of course to rely on the Gatti William Elettrauto company.

Analysing the Classic Cars Wiring Systems

The process of repairing or restoring the wiring systems of classic cars begins with a plan to break down the different electrical systems – charging and starting system, the low and high tension side, fuse and fuse boxes, wires, switches, relays, light bulbs, other electrical components, etc.

William Gatti, with around 50-years of experience and the help of his dedicated team is well-equipped to follow every single step of breakdown analysis to find out all the underlying issues of the classic cars wiring systems.

Construction and Assembly of the Classic Cars Wiring Systems

Once analysed thoroughly, the mechanics of the Gatti William Elettrauto get busy with the repairing and the constructions of damaged and missing electrical parts. Based on the wiring diagram provided in the factory service manual, they can construct new parts and accessories that will fit in perfectly with the classic structure. They can also upgrade the entire classic cars wiring systems to meet the demands of modern-day traffic by installing electrical components like the indicator lights, headlights, as well as additional fans to even the most fundamental cooling systems.

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