Ferrari Classic Cars Restoration

Gatti William’s Ferrari Classic Cars Restoration Service

Learn everything about the Ferrari classic car’s restoration service, provided by the Italian company Gatti William Elettrauto.

William Gatti is an Italian mechanic and the founder of the Gatti William Elettrauto company. Together with his son Christian, he has been offering Ferrari classic car’s restoration service in his company since 2003. Starting his journey as a mechanic back in 1971, he has been involved in producing and assembling the electrical system of various Ferrari cars in the famous Modenese workshop. As a result of this diverse, first-hand experience, he has managed to build an unbeatable reputation for restoring classic Ferrari cars.

Impressive Portfolio of Ferrari Classic Car’s Restoration

While Gatti William specializes in restoring a wide range of classic Italian cars, their portfolio for the Ferrari classic car’s restoration is the most impressive. Among the cars they have already restored include the magnificent Ferrari SWB, Ferrari 275P, Ferrari 248 SP, Ferrari 275 GTB4, Ferrari Boano, Ferrari 330 Doppiofaro, etc.

They also have restored the famous Ferrari 815 Auto Avio Costruzioni – the first car ever built by the radical innovator Enzo Ferrari, back in 1940. There is only one example of that revolutionary car today, which was restored in its entirety by Carrozzeria Campana. However, the entire restoration and assembly of the electrical system of that car have been done by Mr. William himself.

The Passion for the Authentic Ferrari Experience

In addition to having an impressive portfolio of Ferrari Classic car restoration service, Gatti William also has a team of highly-experienced mechanics. With a passion for the fully authentic experience, this team works tirelessly in every step of the restoration process that begins with the original design, to the creation of missing original parts and the final assembly of a specific Ferrari car.

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