Italian Classic Cars Wiring Restoration

Italian Classic Cars Wiring Restoration at the Gatti William

A specialist in the Italian classic cars wiring restoration, Gatti William Elettrauto can help restore the electrical wiring system of your classic Italian car.

Despite the huge advancement in technology, the wiring systems remains one of the most complicated, and thus, most dangerous elements of a car. With its massive amount of components that include not only the wires, but also the switches, bulbs, starting system, sound systems, etc.; it requires advanced engineering to restore the wiring systems. When it comes to the Italian classic car’s wiring restoration, it can cause a headache to even the most experienced mechanics. Therefore, if you have a defected wiring system in your favourite Italian classic car, the Gatti William Elettrauto is the place to come to for restorations.

A Comprehensive Italian Classic Cars Wiring Restoration

The car wiring system is something that gets old over times through usage, dusts, and heat. At Gatti William, the expert technicians would be happy to diagnose your classic car thoroughly and repair any issues. If the issue is beyond repairing, they can also help you with a complete restoration. The company offers a complete electrical system upgrades including intelligent wiring, painless wiring, and so on.

Supervised by the Master Technician

The founder of the company is William Gatti, who started working with the automotive electrical systems back in 1971, some 50 years ago. His first job was to work with the electrical system of various Ferrari cars in the Modenese car body workshop. He then branched out to work on other prestigious Italian brands such as the Maserati, Bugatti, Lamborghini, etc. Currently, he supervises the Italian classic cars wiring restoration from start to finish, in order to ensure you get a factory grade restoration of your classic car.

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