Spare Parts of Classic Cars

Buy the spare parts of classic cars from the Gatti William Elettrauto – the most authentic source in Italy.

Classic cars are gorgeous, sexy, and possess a never ending appeal of romance and royalty. However, they also come with a never ending need of attention, with things like regular inspection, sophisticated maintenance, and occasional servicing is an integral part of having one. While there is a scarcity of available experts with these cars, the biggest concern is the unavailability of spare parts. Only a handful of manufacturer like Lamborghini is committed to continue producing the spare parts for classic cars, with the rest needing to rely on sourcing and reproducing. This is where Gatti William comes into play, with well-connected sources and skilled reproduction suppliers.

Hundreds of Spare Parts for Classic Cars

The company has a great collection of spare parts for classic cars of different Italian manufacturers. They are especially capable of supplying a wide range of electrical parts, including fuse boxes, wire harnesses, lights, switches, etc. With an unbeatable reputation, you can easily rely on the authenticity of these parts sourced by the Gatti William Elettrauto. Some of the classic spare parts that are listed on the website includes:

  • Microtecnica Torino signature window switch for Maserati 3500 Touring and Maserati Vignale Spy.
  • Aluminium gear for windows motor lifter and motor headlamps lifter.
  • Fuse box and gearing for manual operation of the windows lifter for Lamborghini Miura.

Reproduction of Exact Duplicates

For the spare parts of classic cars that are impossible or laborious to find, the company reproduces them with the help of their highly-skilled manufacturers. With a combination of experience and in-depth research, they use some modern techniques to produce the exact same replica of the missing spare parts.

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