Vintage Classic Wiring Restoration

Gatti William’s Vintage Cars Wiring Restoration

With a passionate approach and invaluable experience, you can blindly trust the Gatti William’s vintage cars wiring restoration services.

Since its inception, the wiring systems of automobiles have gone through some massive and evolutionary overhaul. The result is of course a more-reliable wiring system. The modern cars are safer to drive, consumes less energy, and runs faster than before. However, all these advancements are bad news if you are in need of a vintage car’s wiring restoration. The severe lack of vintage parts, coupled with the lack of know-how with the vintage cars make it a daunting task. At Gatti William Elettrauto, the mechanics are aware of the situation and aims to solve it with year-long experience, well-connected sources, and their passion for the restoration of vintage cars.

The Most Accurate Vintage Car’s Wiring Restoration

With an aim to bring a vintage car’s wiring system back to its glorious best, the Gatti William Elettrauto dismantle the entire electrical system for a full-fledge diagnosis. With around 50 years of experience, they are equipped with the knowledge of the original diagrams of an array of vintage cars, including Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Alfa Romeo, etc. Putting their knowledge into effect, they use the same vintage techniques to reproduce the original wiring that looks as accurate as it can get. After rebuilding the wiring system, they once again use the vintage techniques to reassemble it back into the car.

High-quality Wiring Harnesses

In their process of vintage car’s wiring restoration, the quality is never sacrificed. The entire process goes through multiple quality checks that starts from designing the diagrams and continues up to the point of final assembly. Once assembled, the Gatti William Elettrauto even performs a full-scale operational testing right in their plants before delivery.

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